The Problem

More than US$42 billion is sent to Africa each year in remittance and aid

Up to 40% of this is wasted along the way due to transfer fees, overheads, administration, distribution fees, corruption and misuse of money

This means far less money is spent on basic needs such as food, school fees, medical help, and shelter.

This is not sustainable.

The Solution.

VipiCash is a transparent and trackable digital payment system for remittance and aid

We are a digital marketplace for vendors, money senders and receivers

Stop corruption by donating specific goods and services instead of cash

Remove overheads and distribution fees by cutting out the middleman

Ensure women and children receive food, sanitation and healthcare by locking money into these services

The Team.

Our team is made up of diverse cultures and talents from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Norway, Australia to Uganda, London to Somalia.
We all share a passion for bettering society through technology

Many in our team have first hand insight into the challenge of sending money to Africa and deeply understand the burning platform for change.

CVs are a waste of time! If you’d like to join the VipiTeam or intern with us, tell us why you think you’d be a great fit here

Fredrick Mosis


Olivier Mukuta


Meryn Willetts


Ashley Stephenson


Janny Kinende


Jonathan Kongolo

Senior Developer

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